Why I’m Voting Labour In The UK Elections (And I Hope You Will Too).

There is much vitriol and misinformation around the 2017 United Kingdom election. Social media is a self-referential echo chamber and the mainstream media have shown a lack of balance — so here’s my take on it.

Image courtesy Elliott Stallion

Brexit aside, this election is about investment in people

The Tories are neglecting our next generation

“The very young, the poor and those with special needs and disabilities will be worst affected” — National Union of Teachers

The Tories are failing the world’s greatest health service

Tory cuts have led to our current crime and security situation

Austerity or spend to stimulate growth?

Personal attacks, media bias & “fake news”

“Corbyn’s voice is often absent in the reporting on him, and when it is present it is often presented in a highly distorted way” — Independent Press Standards Organization

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