Avoid repeating yourself with Laravel Model Scopes

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Imagine you have models for Blog and Post and a relationship between the two — Blog hasMany Post.


Across your site, you need to show the 3 most recently-published posts for each blog. Eloquent makes this easy:


Writing a model scope

On your Post model, add the following function:

public function scopeRecent($query)
return $query->orderByDesc('published_at')->limit(3);
public function scopeRecent($query, $count)
return $query->orderByDesc('published_at')->limit($count);

Some extra notes

Why is it sometimes orderBy and sometimes sortBy?

Inside the scope, you are querying the data as it gets fetched from the database — so you need to use Eloquent functions.

Telling your editor/IDE about magic methods

Because your scope is a magic method, your editor won’t be aware of the property it enables so you won’t get autocomplete or any of the other benefits your IDE should bring.

* @method mixed recent() Fetches recent items



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